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  • Olivia Foster

School is BACK!

Good News!

The Ugandan Ministry of Education and Sports is allowing High School Seniors to attend classes on March 1st of this year. The poverty in this area is so great that there are no 'online' learning because there are no computers or money for the internet or electricity. So in person classes are a godsend! We will continue our tutoring program for the other students so they will not be behind on their studies when all classes are open.

For now, we are asking all our sponsors and friends to help us provide the school fees and supplies our students will need to go to class. If we are unable to raise the fees, our children will not be able to attend classes and move on to the next grade. We have 5 High School Seniors in our tutorial program and we need your help with their school fees and school supplies.

Usually their parents or guardians would pay 1/2 the fees and supplies, but since the pandemic the villagers have not been able to make a living and are unable to afford their 1/2 of the fees.

The purpose of our education project is to help break the cycle of poverty… education is a key to breaking that cycle.

Please help us break that cycle. Any amount will help us reach our goal in getting all our students in school.

Our Students attending school on March 1st:

Secondary School- All our candidates are Senior 3 students and 15 years old:

Abel Tukamuhebwa is 15 years old. He lost his dad in 2018 to HIV and lives with his mom. Abel has 4 siblings and his mother needs all the help she can get to help send Abel to school. It is so important for Abel to continue his education so he can graduate and get a job that will allow him to be able to help his family and his younger siblings to continue their education. This is the start of breaking the cycle of poverty.

Joan Nkamushaba is 15 years old. Her parents are local peasants and unable to make any money at all for Joan's school fees or supplies. The pandemic has made it almost impossible for her parents to find work and feed their family. Any money they do manage to earn goes toward food and firewood, there's just not enough for education. Without an education, Joan will fall into the never-ending cycle of poverty, and possibly being married off at a young age because the parents are not able to take care of her. Girls have a harder time in this culture and without an education, little future.

Shilla Namara is 15 years old. Shilla's mom is disabled and unable to do any farm work, and any other work is not allowed during the pandemic, so she is unable earn any money to pay Shilla's fees. Again, Shilla is a girl and her education is not considered important in this culture, but in order to help break the cycle, we need to give a helping hand to this family to ensure Shilla can complete her education. This education gives her the opportunity to rise out of the poverty she was born into. Poverty shouldn't be a life sentence; we can help her break free!

Licky Natukunda is 15 years old and a causality of domestic violence. She lives with her grandmother Jesca who also takes care of another grandchild, 3 year old Grant. Her story is one of the saddest, but not unusual. Her father abused the family and eventually her parents separated, but her mother could not take care of her so she left Licky with her grandmother. Jesca also cares for Grant whose father was hooked on drugs and left them, but then the mother remarried and the new husband did not want anything to do with Grant. Jesca, who should be enjoying her life after raising her children is now raising her grandchildren. Jesca doesn't have many skills and no financial options to send Licky to school or pay for school supplies. We don't want Licky to be another statistic and repeating the cycle. Education is her option to break this generational curse and with your help; we can help her do that… together!

Carlorine Natukunda is 15 years old. 2 years ago her father died from cancer and has left the family in a financial hole that they have not been able to crawl out of. As a girl, like the others, she is highly vulnerable to predators and the fate of many girls in this poverty ridden area. Her mother will not be able to pay any portion of the school fees or school supplies because there isn't enough money for school fees and food. We want to help her come off this poverty cycle that she was born into. We want to help her with a hand up out of poverty.

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