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Animal Husbandry Project


The Piggery Project began in the village of Kashija, and it too has seen much growth and success in the past two years. 


The project was started with just ten pigs that TAPU gave to ten of the village women.  These women and their families then cared for the pigs, and once the pigs had reproduced and weaned, one piglet was returned to TAPU to be given to another family in need. 


The rest of the piglets belonged to each woman and her family, and they could either continue to birth piglets, use the pigs for meat, or sell the pigs in the market.  This project has enabled the women of Kashija to support their families by providing food and sending their children to school.



Another important part of the piggery project is TAPU's role in maintaining a healthy and productive environment for the project's pigs.  This involves building suitable pig houses, educating the women in how to properly care for pigs, and spraying the pigs twice a month in order to prevent parasites and disease.

The sheep project is being run similarly to the Piggery Project, but the women who are benefiting from owning sheep are the Women of Hope, a local group of women, all infected with AIDS, who work together to improve their quality of life and earn a living. 




TAPU had been working with the Women of Hope to educate them on proper nutrition for sufferers of their disease when they expressed a need for animal feces to use to fertilize their crops.  Thus, the Sheep Project was born.  There are seven Women of Hope, and TAPU was able to provide four sheep; as with the piggery project, the remaining three women will receive a lamb once the four sheep have reproduced and the lambs have been weaned.  Surprisingly, three of the four sheep TAPU purchased were pregnant, so the project has been progressing much more quickly than expected!


As with the piggery project, the role of TAPU is to educate the women on the proper care of their sheep and to travel to their homes twice monthly to spray the sheep against ticks and other parasites

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