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2 years later

It's been such a blessing to come back to this village and I can't begin to describe how amazing this trip had been... but I'll try!

  • I've seen a group of women with little no hope as to how they will care for their families rise up knowing that God has heard their prayers. The smiles come so much easier now.

  • The children go to school each day with what they need to complete the school day and they won't be sent home because they don't have school materials or uniforms.

  • The Women of Hope who are suffering from HIV will now be able to grow fresh vegetables to eat to help with nutrition because of the sheep we purchased for them. We purchased 4 sheep from the market and there are 7 women in the group. We were hoping to purchase 3 more so each woman would have one, but it turns out that 3 of the 4 sheep we bought were pregnant! So for the price of 4 we got 7! Thank you Jesus!

  • In Rushaga women will be able to read so that they are able to trade effectively with tourist in their shops as well as help their children with their homework.

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