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Hike with Us

We place a huge emphasis on involving and training locals as guides, as it not only enhances the authenticity of the experience but also contributes to the empowerment of the community.

For nature enthusiasts, the opportunity to discover indigenous birds in their natural habitat and explore trails with varying levels of difficulty, including hikes to waterfalls, adds an extra layer of excitement.

Rubuguri is a vibrant and culturally rich place with a variety of activities and attractions that offer our visitors a chance to engage with the local community and its unique heritage. Here's a brief overview of each of these offerings


The "Farming and Local Lunch Experience" is a wonderful way for visitors to immerse themselves in the local culture and agricultural practices of Rubuguri.


This kind of hands-on experience offers numerous benefits

The Market Place

This is a hub of activity, where locals and visitors gather to trade goods like clothes, livestock, and vegetables. It's not just a place for commerce but also a social gathering point that reflects the community's vibrancy.

Kashija Wetlands

This ecological treasure is home to diverse bird species and plays a vital role in providing natural resources to the local population. It's a place where people can connect with nature and learn about the environment's importance.

Gold Mining

The historic gold mining activity adds an interesting layer to the community's history. Visitors can engage with the local miners and gain insights into this traditional livelihood.

Rubuguri Cave

The origin story of the cave adds to the local mythology, making it a place of cultural significance. Learning about the cave's history and its connection to the name "Rubuguri" is a fascinating cultural experience.

Rubuguri Origins Rocks

These rocks hold stories and beliefs that are valuable for understanding the local culture. The tales shared by community guides can provide an intriguing glimpse into the area's heritage.

The Batwa

Meeting the Batwa people, who have a unique historical connection to the Bwindi forest, allows visitors to engage with a community that has a distinctive cultural heritage. Learning about their way of life can be enlightening.

Honey Processing Center

This provides an opportunity to learn about beekeeping, honey production, and the ecological significance of bees. Visitors can also support local beekeepers by purchasing honey from the Honey Shop.

Basket Weavers

This offers an immersive cultural experience where visitors can interact with skilled local women, witness their craft, and even learn about their traditional dances. It's a chance to appreciate local artistry and traditions.

Farming and Local Lunch Experience

  1. Cultural Immersion: Visitors get a firsthand look at the agricultural practices of the local community, which can be an eye-opening experience. They can learn about the different crops grown, local farming techniques, and the significance of these crops in the community's diet.

  2. Sustainability Education: Learning about local farming practices can also promote an understanding of sustainable agriculture. Visitors can gain insights into how the community relies on its own resources for sustenance.

  3. Hands-On Learning: The opportunity to participate in harvesting crops and engaging in various food preparation activities is an excellent way for visitors to connect with the local culture. It's a chance to appreciate the hard work that goes into growing and preparing food.

  4. Community Interaction: Sharing a meal with local people fosters a sense of community and togetherness. It's a moment for cultural exchange and building connections.

  5. Taste of Local Cuisine: Trying the local dishes prepared from the harvested crops provides a genuine taste of the region's cuisine. It can be an exciting culinary adventure for visitors.

  6. Supporting Local Families: Participating in this experience directly benefits the local family you visit by providing them with an additional source of income. It's a sustainable way of supporting the community.


Let's Work Together

Rubuguri is a place where community and culture are at the heart of the experience. These activities not only provide economic opportunities for the local residents but also allow visitors to connect with the community and gain a deeper understanding of the area's history and traditions.

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