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  • Olivia Foster

Meet Anitah!

Hi everyone, meet Anitah!

Anitah is 19 years old and in her last year of secondary school. She will graduate this fall which has been a great feat in this part of the country. We have worked with her and her family each year to assist wherever we could to keep her in school.

We are looking for sponsorship for Anitah to go to nursing/midwifery school. We need YOUR help!

Anitah is the oldest of 9 children and since her mother's death in 2018, she took on so much responsibility to try to be there for her siblings. This wasn't an easy thing to do while trying to say up with her studies, but she did it! She excels in the sciences and her dream is to become a medical professional, primarily a midwife; to work with women in her community. Her mother died during childbirth and this affected Anitah very deeply. Women in this region do not normally go for prenatal checkups because most of the medical staff are men and the husbands do not go with their wives to these visits. The discomfort of having a man examine them alone in a room is very daunting and would rather not go for prenatal visits than be looked at by a man that is not their husbands.

Because of this type of thinking, many women go through complications or lose their children and even their lives. Anitah believes that if more women go into the medical field, they would be able to make a change and promote better health practices and give the women an opportunity to feel more comfortable when they go in for prenatal care.

Let's work together to help Anitah continue her education and make a positive impact in this world!


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