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  • Olivia Foster

Let's Give Caroline a Safe Home

Our elderly project has brought so much assistance to some of the elderly in the community who have no one to care for them. Caroline is one of our ladies that we care for 6 days a week. We can give all the love, food, care, and attention but Caroline's living conditions are unstable. A safe and healthy environment can significantly impact her quality of life, especially considering her recent health issues. Living in a damp, and moldy home can intensify her health issues and hinder her recovery.


We want to provide Caroline with a decent home, one that is safe, dry, and comfortable. It will not only address her immediate needs, but also help her overall health and happiness. With your support and generosity, we can make a real difference in Caroline's life and help her live with dignity as well as provide comfort.


Your donations will go directly towards providing a suitable home for Caroline. Together, we can ensure that our elderly have the safe and healthy living environment they need. Thank you for your support and love!


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