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  • Olivia Foster

Merry Christmas!

Our 1st Newsletter introduced our international team so you could see the faces behind the words and works! God leads our hearts and is the true spirit behind everything we do, so basically, we are just the hands.

We were not able to make the annual trip to Uganda this year for obvious reasons, so we are gearing up for next July when we head out to continue working on the established projects and create the newest one, which is The Saving Grace Project. Although the U.S. team couldn’t be there this year, our on-ground team did wonderful work during this time of COVID 19 keeping the communities clean, sanitized and the people fed.

The information below outlines our response to the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine in Uganda and the Philippines:

COVID Response


  • 240 households provided with food and hygiene products

  • 535 tippy taps (hand washing stations) installed at homesteads, public areas, schools, and churches to prevent the spread of coronavirus, promote good health and hygiene through demonstration, education, and training

  • 71 children supported in their education through our tutorial project, which has 4 volunteer teachers who have the current syllabus so the children will not be behind when the schools reopen

Our COVID-19 response has helped prevent any outbreaks in the RUBUGURI area. We have done and are still doing advocacy for better health by teaching the preventative measures and installing and evaluating hand washing stations continuously. We have continued to take the lead in ensuring our village is outbreak free, and up until this day we have still not had any confirmed cases.

COVID Response

The Philippines

  • Supply local families with fresh fruit/eggs/meat

  • Feeding over 40 children daily who would otherwise go hungry

  • Supply soap and cleaning supplies to help prevent COVID 19 and any other diseases spread by unhygienic conditions

Today we celebrated Christmas in Uganda with our children, teachers, and our support team! Yesterday was the Christmas dinner for the children in the Philippines.

Thanks to all of you, our sponsors, for making this possible!

Some words from our Brand Ambassador from Scotland, Danielle, as she plans for 2021:

“Life in Scotland is pretty crazy just now. My work supplies all the big supermarket chains so the orders at this time of the year are huge. Other than that, I am busy making my way through University, keeping up the good grades.

As for next year’s trip. We should have a new wood burning oven in place by August for the Bakery. This will be much more sustainable and cost effective. Sam who is a fully trained baker and trains staff in fancy hotels all over Uganda should be coming to provide master classes/business management classes to our women in February. I will also be working on getting good worktops for our bakers to work on.”

Thank you all for your support and have a wonderful Christmas!!!

The Angel Projects of America


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