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  • Olivia Foster

Leveling Up! Ecobricks will Change the Game!

Hi Everyone!

We have a new project starting and we are so excited about it…It is a game changer!

There is so much success with our recycled plastic bottle greenhouse as far as bringing year round fresh vegetables and herbs, but also the impact we have made with the reduction of plastic waste in our communities.

We are leveling up!

Ecobricks are our newest venture to help reduce the amount of waste in the community while cutting the costs of building.

What is an ecobrick?

Ecobricks are a way to take advantage of plastic's pros while protecting against its cons. Basically, an ecobrick is a plastic bottle packed with used plastic to a set density. In so doing we take advantage of plastic's durability, longevity, color and availability to make reusable building blocks. Ecobricks follow the Earth's example of compacting and securing carbon indefinitely in order to secure plastic from the dangers of degradation. Ecobricks are then used for local short and long-term applications that embody and accelerate regenerative principles. Like green spaces and gardens!

The Angel Projects Uganda is collecting plastic bottles, plastic bags and other plastic wastes throughout the community to create a series of ecobricks to create our first bench outside our greenhouse. This bench will be the inaugural project of many builds to come! This will take the trash burning and construction to a new level… cleaner air, cleaner community, and motivation to use less plastic.

Our team on ground has rallied the community today to start collecting. The amount of plastic bags, styrofoam, packaging, straws, and clear plastic that will be removed from the ground, fire piles, and local water sources is significant. It’s a game changer!

So follow us as we get collect, teach, and prepare for the construction of our first bench which could take up to 300 + ecobricks! Imagine the amount of harmful waste that will be removed from the community.


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