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  • Olivia Foster

This Year's Project Updates

Good afternoon friends and family!

We have two weeks left to prep for our journey to Africa!

Presently there is so much unrest and pain in the world, but good will prevail.

Soon, the strict COVID restrictions will be behind us and just a memory...a story we tell our children and grandchildren about the lockdowns, riots, unrest, and the political upheavals all over the world. The moment when the entire world was locked down together! Until then we must continue living through this with hope and promise for that future.

This trip is our step to bring that hope to so many who are living in very dark and dire times. Food is scarce, clean water is even more scarce.

Our handwashing stations are updated weekly

Our Greenhouse Project will bring the hope and promise of fresh, nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Our Elderly Project is bringing love, hope, food, and relief to the elderly who before the Angel Projects, were alone. Now they are a part of a larger family! A global family thanks to all of you!

Our Saving Grace Project will bring the daily medical relief that can and will change lives. Relief from suffering that can start from the most basic injury like a simple scrape, that can develop into a raging infection.

  • Basic Life Saving skills, recognizing signs and symptoms and getting medical help early to prevent a more life threatening outcome.

  • Basic nutritional information to keep healthy, which of course preventative medicine is the best kind!

  • These are the projects we will be bringing this year and ensuring that each project is sustainable by not just doing or building, but by teaching and training our local team who will then be able to teach others.

Education and sustainability is key. We believe in leaving positive footprints in these communities. A Hand up, not a Handout!

Follow us here on our journey as God guides our course!

May God bless and keep you!


Co-Founder/Executive Director

The Angel Projects of America


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