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Syliver Turinomuhangi is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in education and tourism. He has been an integral part of Angel Projects Uganda since it was established in 2015, serving as a co-founder. With a diploma in teacher training, Syliver brings valuable skills in education to his managerial role, ensuring effective coordination and implementation of projects.


In addition to his educational background, Syliver is also a certified tour guide with seven years of experience in the field. His extensive knowledge of Uganda's tourism and 13 years of experience as a tour driver make him a valuable asset to our Tourism Project. His passion for showcasing the beauty and cultural richness of Uganda has earned him recognition among travelers and colleagues alike.


Syliver resides in Rubuguri with his wife, Emily, and their three children. Their commitment to their community and their dedication to improving the lives of others are evident in their involvement with The Angel Projects Uganda. Syliver's leadership and vision are set to play a crucial role in the organization's new tourism project, where he aims to leverage his expertise to create sustainable opportunities for local communities while promoting responsible tourism practices.

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