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  • Olivia Foster

"Saving Grace!"

One of the biggest human need is nourishment and another is good health. This is why we've created the Saving Grace Project.

We at The Angel Projects of America are very happy to announce our new project. One that will improve the quality of life of the people we work with in Uganda. The Saving Grace Project will focus on meeting the basic medical needs of the people in Rubuguri and the surrounding villages.

Our first-aid station will be built this August, and a registered nurse from the U.S. will be traveling to Uganda with us to teach signs & symptoms and first-aid techniques to our Ugandan team. Her name is Grace, she is not only a RN, but she also teaches nursing in two universities in the States. We are so happy to have her on our team and blessed that she decided to make this trip with us to help our communities.

Not only will Grace teach a TAPU team member the basics in first-aid and signs & symptoms, she will also hold seminars for the local women, and teaching first-aid to young girls who are finishing high school and want to go into nursing. We are so excited to bring this important project to an area where a simple scrape can become a life or death situation.

Another component of the Saving Grace Project, which we have already put into motion, focuses on helping the elderly members of the community. Our elderly villagers that we work with don't have retirement plans, Social Security, or any aid from the government. Many of them don't even have support from their own families or don't have any family at all.

We have begun the process of bringing new bedding, clothing, cooking supplies, soap, and other necessities to our elderly who have no other means of support. We're also working on planting kitchen gardens at their homesteads so that they'll have fresh fruits and vegetables to aid in their nutrition. Once the medical portion of the Saving Grace project is up and running, we'll be able to provide medical care to them in their homes; they have nothing like Medicare, of course, and it's difficult for some of them to make the journey to the local clinic, which is understaffed and underfunded anyway.

We're thrilled to bring this support to our elderly of the communities surrounding the Rubuguri area; Joy, one of our elderly recipients that we care for, became so happy upon receiving her bedding and supplies that she started to sing and dance. This project is already making a huge difference!

Because of all the additional work that is needed to support the Saving Grace Project, Morrene, our Elderly Project Manager is heading the Saving Grace Project as well.

She has been a blessing to our organization; she lives locally and loves working with children and the elderly. Morrene was raised by her grandparents, who cared for her with love until her wedding day and who continue to support Morrene and her husband with sage advice. This is why Morrene has such a passion, respect, and love for the elderly, and she wants to give back to her community. Morrene has been traveling all throughout the local area to bring new bedding and clothing to the elderly; she even cooks for them and bathes them. She has also been helping with the planting of the kitchen gardens.

Morrene is working so hard as the manager of the Elderly Project that we are so happy to have her as our Saving Grace Project Manager as well. These two projects are so closely related and Morrene has the heart and determination to make it them both successful and we are very happy to have her on our team.

Your support is needed to help keep these projects running and remember, you're not giving to a project, you're giving to people.


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