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Project Update!

Hi Angel Projects friends and family!

I'm excited to update everyone on our sewing project that was started in 2019. At The Angel Projects, we believe in giving a hand up, not a handout and creating and maintaining sustainable projects are what we strive to create.

Sewing classes are conducted by Jackson who is a master tailor in Rubuguri. He conducts the class at his shop each week and we currently have twelve students attending. Out of our twelve students, two have mastered the art of sewing and now have opened their own business sewing school uniforms and other clothing. Blackseda and Adrine have their own businesses now and are on their way to being able to fully support their families.

Jackson teaches them by hand drawing designs with detailed instructions and each student will create a pattern using local newspapers. Our women are so excited to have this opportunity to learn a skill that will allow them to earn a living for them and their family.

The Angel Projects was able to raise enough money to purchase a sewing machine for the class and Jackson uses his own sewing machines for the students to use. We are hoping to raise enough to purchase more machines so we can help even more people.

Thank you for all your support to help make this project happen.


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