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  • Olivia Foster

Our Projects at The Angel Projects Uganda! - The Greenhouse

We have many projects going this year and of course we have our usual projects that have been going for the past 4 years. Each day we will feature one project a day.

Thank you all for your support and sponsorship that has kept these projects funded each year!

The Greenhouse Project

The realization of our greenhouse project has exceeded our expectations, and we are so excited about the impact it’s going to have on the community!

This project began when we saw a need for fresh vegetables to fill a nutrition gap in the locals’ diet, particularly amongst the elderly. The idea for the project was first introduced by Danielle Clark, our Angel Projects Brand Ambassador.

Danielle saw that with a greenhouse we would be able to grow produce that couldn’t otherwise thrive in this area, and we would be able to grow it year-round. The construction of the greenhouse also fulfills another need, the disposal of used plastic bottles, as the walls are built out of repurposed plastic bottles. In this community, there is no garbage pickup, and

the locals often burn their used plastic, releasing dangerous toxins into the air. So, the greenhouse project is the perfect solution to this problem.

Danielle spent the past two years designing the Greenhouse Project and was planning to oversee its construction and implementation this summer. However, due to COVID restrictions in her country, she was unable to come to Uganda this year. We were concerned about how the Greenhouse Project could successfully continue without Danielle. Then, God blessed us by bringing Stacy Majchrowski to our mission.

Stacy has extensive experience with gardening, and she’s very creative as well as tenacious. Through her leadership, the Greenhouse Project was completed ahead of schedule, and we are now growing lots of green vegetables that will be much needed additions to the local diet. One of our staff members, Gard, has taken over as the project manager for the Greenhouse Project, and he’s been doing a great job watering and maintaining the seedlings, which are growing quickly!

Many members of the community have come by to see the greenhouse, and some have expressed an interest in building a greenhouse of their own. We’re confident that this will be a self-sustaining and long-lasting project that will positively impact the entire area.


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