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  • Olivia Foster

SHENIDA (Our Littlest Angel)

We are seeking sponsorship for Shenida's care, which will cost $50 per month. This amount will include food, clothing, school costs, and medical care.

Shenida came to The Angel Projects in January 2014 as a foster child, and she has been living with Nadege, our missionary, ever since.

Now, Nadege has had to move back to the United States, so Shenida will be living with Luciana, one of the women from our Stitching Angels ministry.

We are thrilled that one of our Angels is willing to open her home to Shenida, as we know she will be well cared for there. However, Luciana is a single mother who already cares for her child and her own mother.

When we first met Shenida, she was living in a dilapidated wooden shack with curtains for doors on the mountainside. She was filthy and hungry, and as a six-year-old she was the oldest of the five children living there with little to no supervision, which meant that Shenida was in charge of caring for the younger children. She had to cook what little food they did have for them and supervise them as they played in the hut's dirt yard. She also held them as they cried in hunger, wondering when their grandmother would return from market.

The grandmother was struggling to care for the children, none of whom were attending school; all in all, it was a desperate situation that we happened to stumble upon. At that time, Nadege took in Shenida and her brother, Devalson, as foster children. Devalson was later placed back into the care of some family members, but Shenida has been a part of The Angel Projects for the past three years.

During this time, her life has been transformed. She now has plenty to eat, clean clothes to wear, and access to healthcare and an education.

Although at first she struggled to catch up in school, her grades have been steadily improving. Shenida is an exponentially happier little girl today than the one we met in 2014.

Our greatest hope is that Shenida can continue to receive the proper care that she deserves, and this will only be possible through your generous sponsorship.

Please prayerfully consider supporting Shenida as she continues to grow and flourish.

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