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Justus Ngabirano's life is a beautiful blend of family, passion, and dedication to his profession. Justus is the proud father of twin boys, Jayden and Eben, who are now two years old. He has a strong commitment to his family finds joy in the role of husband and father.


Professionally, Justus is a seasoned tour guide with a wealth of experience in the tourism industry. He started in the tourism industry in 2010 which lead him to become a respected figure in Uganda's tourism sector. During the early years of his career he participated in the Uganda Community Tourism Association's comprehensive training program in community tourism enterprise development.


Throughout the program, Justus immersed himself in various aspects of the tourism industry, including community tourism enterprise concepts, business planning, operations planning, tour planning and guiding, sales and marketing, and bird guiding. Eager to expand his knowledge and skill set, Justus pursued additional training courses facilitated by different organizations, honing his expertise as a guide.


Since 2011, Justus has been actively guiding tourists, sharing his passion for Uganda's natural beauty and cultural richness with visitors from around the world. For him, guiding isn't just a job—it's a calling and one of his favorite pursuits. His enthusiasm for his work shines through in every interaction, as he strives to provide travelers with unforgettable experiences while promoting responsible tourism practices.


Justus' story is a testament to the power of following one's passion and continuously seeking opportunities for growth and learning. With his dedication to his family and his profession, he embodies the spirit of adventure and exploration, inspiring others to discover the wonders of Uganda's diverse landscapes and vibrant communities.

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