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Agriculture Project

The Angel Projects Uganda's farm was the first project started in the village of Kashija during the fall of 2015. 


The women of the village work together to cultivate and harvest crops that they can then use to feed their families and sell in the market every Friday.  The farm has become very extensive; the women start the process with nursery beds where the plants begin to grow, and once they have reached a certain size, they are transplanted to the actual farmland. 


The women of Kashija are dedicated to the farm project and to seeing a continual harvest.  In fact, during the dry season they haul water up the mountain to irrigate the farm in order to continue the harvest cycle year-round.  In addition, the women work together by taking turns bringing the produce to market on Fridays. 


The women of the village and TAPU's staff members have worked very hard to make the farm project the huge success it is today.

Agriculture Project

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