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We understand how difficult it has been for everyone these past few months and we want to thank you and let you know your continued support throughout has been such a blessing and has reached so many across the world. Our little by little campaign will be on Monday Sept 14 and continue to the 18th.

It does take a village and you are our village! We are looking to continue raising awareness to healthy habits to keep COVID19 out of our villages while trying to help our children not be left behind in their studies. Education is key to rise out of poverty and we are working with four volunteer teachers who are helping our children keep up to date on their studies. Our tutorial program offers classes from primary students all the way to secondary students.


This campaign is so important to maintain this program and also continue updating our handwashing stations with fresh soap and water. Little by little is a campaign geared toward those who might think they don't have anything to offer… how can $5 help? Well, all donations will be matched by 50% up to $50; which means your $5 donation will equal $7.50. That may still not sound like a lot, but $7.50 in Uganda can purchase a package of soap that could supply over 10 handwashing stations. If we get over 20 people to donate $5 that would add up $100 and a %50 match would add up to $150!! 20 people to donate $10 =$200 and the 50% match totals to $300… I could go on, but you get the idea :) This campaign will change lives with YOUR help. 


We thrive together because we work together! So join us in this campaign and remember it's the small donations that add up to BIG CHANGE!!

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There is strength in numbers, but organizing those numbers is one of the great challenges. - John C. Mather

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