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We understand how difficult it has been for everyone these past few months and we want to thank you and let you know your continued support throughout has been such a blessing and has reached so many across the world. Our little by little campaign starts on April 3rd and continues to April 7th.

At The Angel Projects, we believe that education is the way forward, up, and out of poverty for the women and girls of Rubuguri, Uganda, which is why we dedicate so much of our time, efforts, and funds to providing educational opportunities in a variety of ways.

We start with the youngest members of the community by ensuring that all the children and teenagers in our area are able to attend school.  We help with uniforms, books, supplies, and fees by giving a hand up, not just a handout to local parents.  We provide job opportunities for the parents and ask that they contribute half of their children's school fees while we provide the other half.  The children and teens are so thrilled to be able to attend school, and they work really hard to learn the material and to perform well on their exams.  We are so proud of their progress!

Our educational opportunities then extend to postsecondary education.  So far, we have been able to enroll three students in colleges where they will earn degrees in nursing, midwifery, and pharmaceutical science.  All three of these students work hard and are performing at the top of their class.  They all have a passion for their community and plan to use their education and skills to give back once they graduate.  Their education will not only provide a secure future for these young women and their families; the whole community will benefit through access to better healthcare.

At The Angel Projects, our educational opportunities are not only limited to formal education.  We also provide a variety of classes to meet the various needs of the community, such as ESL, First Aid, nutrition, and conservation.  Many of the women in the area desire to learn English so that they can communicate with tourists in order to sell their handicrafts, so we have provided ESL classes in two different areas.  We have also been meeting the community's need for basic First Aid knowledge through our Saving Grace Project, in which local women learn to care for the basic needs of their community as well as how to watch for signs and symptoms of health problems that need the attention of medical professionals.  We have also been teaching many of the local people, including the elderly members, about health and nutrition through our Greenhouse Project.  In the case of the elderly, part of this education program has been providing them with the vegetables they need to practice healthy eating.  Finally, we have been teaching the local community about conservation through our Ecobricks Project by showing them how to repurpose their garbage in safe and constructive ways


This campaign is so important to maintain this program and also continue updating these wonderful projects that provide opportunity and future for so many. Little by Little is a campaign geared toward those who might think they don't have anything to offer… how can $5 help? Well, all donations will be matched by 50% up to $50; which means your $5 donation will equal $7.50. That may still not sound like a lot, but $7.50 in Uganda can purchase school supplies. If we get over 20 people to donate $5 that would add up $100 and a %50 match would add up to $150!! 20 people to donate $10 =$200 and the 50% match totals to $300… I could go on, but you get the idea :) This campaign will change lives with YOUR help. 


We thrive together because we work together! So join us in this campaign and remember it's the small donations that add up to BIG CHANGE!!

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There is strength in numbers, but organizing those numbers is one of the great challenges. - John C. Mather

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