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  • Olivia Foster

The Angel Projects of America's Newsletter Weekly Updates and News

Welcome to our 1st online newsletter!

We want to make sure you all are updated on the projects

and the people that we help.

So ... welcome to YOUR community!

We at the Angel Projects of America work in Uganda and the Philippines creating sustainable projects, but most importantly this year, helping the people survive through the COVID19 pandemic.

Our team in Uganda work tirelessly maintaining support of multiple projects very successfully. The communities we serve are so happy with all the outpouring of love and support from all over the world!


Susan Oertle, our President, has been working in the mission field since she was 17 years old, and her heart is on fire for our missions. Her passion is undeniable and can be seen throughout each mission trip! Her biggest passions are for children’s ministry and educational programming. Susan never fails to get her hands dirty working alongside the farmers or cuddling with the baby pigs!

Olivia Foster is our Executive Director, and a title like that basically means she wears all the hats needed to ensure our missions are funded, scheduled, organized… you get the picture! She has been working in the mission field for over 10 years after she said, “Yes, Lord, send me,” and she hasn’t looked back since! Olivia is also the media director, so all the great photos and videos from the field on missions are from her hard work!

Nadege St-Hilaire is our Director for Haiti. She also wears many hats and wears them well. She created our women’s prison, children’s, and women’s ministries in Nan Cafe and Jacmel. She too has never turned back on her walk with Christ and is currently working on her MA degree, which will help even more in the field!

Justus Ngabirano is our General Manager for Uganda, and without him and his dedication, we would have never been able to get any project off the ground and running successfully. Justus oversees each mission and community with love and care and immense compassion.

Syliver Turinomuhangi is a dedicated teacher and researcher, and it is with his leadership and administrative skills that we have been able to effectively work in Uganda. His skills have been so valuable to us and all the communities we work with in Uganda.

Gard Mugisha is responsible for monitoring and providing excellent field support in all children’s and women’s activities and for gathering feedback from community beneficiaries. He will be found wherever he is needed and is most likely the face behind the camera for infield/on ground videos and photos!

Danielle Clark is our Angel Projects Uganda Brand Ambassador and has created the Bakery Project, introduced new crafts to our weaving groups, and made a start on addressing period poverty by teaching schoolgirls how to make reusable sanitary towels.

Darnalie Orcino runs the feeding program in Olongapo City, Philippines, with her husband, Pastor Edwin Orcino. He is pastor of Independent Park Baptist Church in one of the city’s poorest neighborhoods. Darnalie’s passion is to feed people who would otherwise go hungry, especially the children.

If you would like to find out more about our projects and how you can help or be a part of this community, please contact us!


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