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February News!

Hi everyone!

We've been pretty busy at the end of last year and hit the ground running for 2021!

Work continued on all projects because of our wonderful team on the ground! Thanks to Justus, Gard, Syliver, Faith, Lucy, and Joan for working every day to make sure the love and devotion to our communities continued!


Our elderly project is keeping our team very busy and the team is stepping up. Each week the team, Faith, Joan, and Lucy, head out to visit the elderly who are alone and cannot take care of themselves. Our team bring food, soap, and any supplies needed to ensure our elderly are doing well. House work and/or yard work is also a part of their visit. Our project manager, takes time to help bathe some who are unable to do it themselves and this summer when the Saving Grace Project begins, she will be able to offer more medical help. Noticing symptoms and signs of more serious issues will be the forefront of the Saving Grace Project. This type of skill will bring great value to the lives of the elderly we care for.

The team cares and visits over 42 individuals weekly in 3 different villages! Keep up the amazing work!


I met Bonokonsira in 2015 and in 2019 she took me to her home where I saw her kitchen, the only place where she can cook food for her and her children. It was just a few slats of wood and a partial roof (basically a few more slats of wood). When the weather was cold, or worst, rainy, she was unable to utilize the kitchen at all. I let her know that we would try to help, but not having enough financial help and so many other projects that we are trying to fund, I didn't think we could do it.

What I forgot to understand is that it is not in my power, but God's power and through Christ we can do anything. It took a lot of prayers and donations, but we were able to build her a sturdy and secure kitchen with a storage room for food! It took a while, but through God's grace we got it done and the video of the construction and completion is on our website and social media. Thank you to everyone who helped make Bonokonsira's Christmas Blessing come true!


Well actually …

Knowledge is not power, it is only potential.

Applying that knowledge is power.

Understanding why and when to apply that knowledge is wisdom!

----Takeda Shingen


Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

----Malcolm X

Our upcoming mission this year will combine these two values; The Saving Grace Project and The Greenhouse Project.

Our Saving Grace Project (SGP) will teach and train a few selected people on basic first aid and signs and symptoms. There will be two individuals of our Ugandan team who will get more training so they will be able to continue running the project after the American team head back to the US. That does not mean that the Ugandan team will be left on their own; constant contact will continue throughout the year via video chats. Our on ground team is only a call away from resources with our American team.

Offering assistance when someone falls and just need to have a basic cut or scrape cleaned and bandaged to prevent it from becoming infected which could lead the simple injury to becoming a life threatening injury. Sometimes clean water and a bit of antibacterial ointment can make a huge difference. Most of the training will be learning basic health care and hygiene and being able to recognize when there might be a bigger issue where a doctor's visit is important.

We are not trying to create a clinic or take away from the current health care that is provided in the communities, but to compliment it.

To just be able to assist where needed and provide health and nutrition education to the community. Our mission will always be a hand up not a handout and education is key. Some of the young people might choose to go on to nursing school and will have a chance to see if this is what they will like to do.

The Saving Grace's mission is to teach and train so others might continue to teach and train others in the basic first aid that we take for granted in our own countries.

The Greenhouse Project (TGP) will teach the importance of nutrition by supplementing fresh vegetables and fruits in the daily diet. Also TGP will teach about recycling.

Our greenhouses will be built using plastic bottles. The goal is to reduce plastic waste while constructing home greenhouses where people are able to grow herbs and vegetables and yes, fruit!

We plan to teach a few people on the construction of recyclable greenhouses and a few others on how to grow plants in a greenhouse environment. They will in turn teach and train others. This can be a great addition to what the families are already growing, but offer a more secure spot to grow delicate herbs and vegetables from local animals and critters as well as the elements. After watching the effects this pandemic had on the world, especially communities like the ones we serve in Uganda, a greenhouse could mean the difference of life or death; health or severe illness; surviving or thriving.

Each one, reach one. Each one, teach one. Until all are taught.

-----Mark Victor Hansen

Our goal is to continue educating and creating self-sustaining projects that bring relief and a future.


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